Pick of the week!

January 29, 2008 at 1:13 am (Uncategorized)

This will be a weekly segment featuring what I believe to be THE pick for the multiple genres that I am interested in. So basically, you will be seeing four picks per week declaring what I, your beloved blogger, feel that you should be watching/reading/playing/using.

And so, I shall start out the week by providing you with what is hot hot hot!

Comics – This I guess is a no-brainer for  those who are active in the comic world, but if you are not, then I highly suggest picking yourself up a copy of the massive crossover event called “The Messiah Complex” by Marvel. It features prominently the X-Men and it includes a diverse array of artists and writers and a storyline that pulls you in deeper and deeper as you go along. You will not regret it!

Movies – Currently, I’m kind of slouching when it comes to movies as I haven’t yet seen some of the more recent movies to come out so I will start out my pick for movies with one that is slightly old but a must see regardless. That movie is Sweeney Todd. Tim Burton has always shined (at least, for me, that is) when it comes to directing a movie and his latest doesn’t disappoint. Like many of his other movies, this film is dark, with music being a central focus in delivering the story. However, be prepared. Blood is in this movie. I’m talking gallons here folks. Copious amounts of it. So definitely not for the squeemish.

Games – Again, I’m also kind of slouching here too (what can I say, it was a busy winter) so I cannot give you the up to date pick for the game of the week. However, I can give you one that should be played asap and that game is Unreal Tournament 3. Sure, you might be saying, “But Clazzi-Flo, its just another FPS (First-Person Shooter) and yes, typically, I would agree with you. But UT3 has always held a special place in my heart for being a truly great FPS series. They constantly try to outdo themselves and UT3 has done just that. Not only does Epic Games ravage your eyes with their impressive visuals but the game handles smoothly and works exactly as a FPS should.

Electronics – Now that the format wars seem officially dead (never know but I’m just saying it how I see it), now would be a great time to grab yourself a Blu-ray player. Many companies offer them at a fair and competitive price and I believe we will only see them begin to drop now that it has become the go to format. Finally, you can stop from having to agonizingly choose between two formats and prepare to take a step into next generation.


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