Tired of carrying a hard mouse? Try Inflatimouse!

January 31, 2008 at 12:48 pm (Electronics)

The Jellyclick concept was shown today and boy does that baby seem impractical. Apparently, the reason behind its development was to bring a new level of portability while toting around a full-sized mouse. All of the circuitry fits inside of a small flexible board and as for the mouse body? You blow it up of course! When you are done with it, you just deflate it, and store inside of your laptop or pocket or something. Doesn’t this just seem weird to anyone out there? I mean, a mouse can’t be that hard to carry around. A regular mouse would also feel better in the hand and (in my opinion) work better. Besides, don’t people usually carry their laptop in a case nowadays? One thing to note, people who smoke or have asthma should probably stick to a normal mouse.


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