Superhero Movie. Not to be confused with Date/Epic/Etc. Movie.

February 1, 2008 at 11:40 am (Movies)

In what appears to be yet another redundant attempt in reincarnating the parody movie, Dimension Films has released the trailer for their new movie, Superhero Movie. Sigh. They still haven’t gotten the memo it seems. These films are dead! Thanks to the over usage of Paris Hilton (what does she have to do with a parody film?), poorly casted look-alikes and the horrible jokes. It is being produced by David Zucker, who made Naked Gun (Leslie Nielsen anyone?) and being written by the guy who wrote Scary Movie 3. It also appears to be skewing mainly Spider-Man. I’ll let you make up your mind with the trailer. As for me? I remain utterly underwhelmed. Release date is March 28.

Edit: Well turns out that the trailer is taken down everywhere for now. You can still find it at select places however. May I suggest watching it here?


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