Now you can take your finger off the screen.

February 3, 2008 at 12:24 pm (Electronics)

Ahh, Elliptic Labs. You rascals you. You were tired of the same old touch screen and you wanted to spruce things up a bit. Well now you have. Elliptic Labs has released some details on their new project in which will include a monitor that monitors (pun intended) your finger movement in order to recreate the “touch screen monitor” without you actually having to touch it. It operates in thin air and doesn’t require you to wear some sort of apparatus or anything like that. They haven’t released too much information on it yet although a demo has been shown. For those curious to see it in action, go here. I still remain a little skeptical of the whole thing though. How does one get this to work without many of the foreseeable hitches that come with movement based products? If you make a wrong gesture? Maybe they will figure these things out. Who knows?


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