Oom! Oom!

February 4, 2008 at 12:33 pm (Games)

That means out of mana in the wide world of warcraft. But thanks to Blizzard, you won’t ever have to say that in real life. The Mana Energy Potion aims to snatch even more money out of your pocket by giving players just what they need for the over night raids in Black Temple. This thing looks a little excessive though, in my own humble opinion. Wondering why? Well that would be because it is apparently equivalent to two Red Bulls or four cups of coffee. Yikes. Know how much Vitamin B12 that is? Well it just so happens to be equal to 6667% of your recommended daily intake. Yeah, I said it. 6667%. Just what were they trying to accomplish here? I guess you could drink it in moderation, but then even still…That’s a lot of energy. Personally, I’m not touching them unless I can cast a Shadowbolt after consuming said beverage.


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