Pick of the Week 2-4-08

February 4, 2008 at 12:10 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s that time again! Pick of the Week is upon us once again and I am ready to give you some great new things that you definitely need to check out!

Movies – Okay, so I haven’t seen a new movie over the weekend because nothing really excited me but I did catch the Iron Man Super Bowl spot and I was definitely impressed. Being that I used to be an Iron Man fan (Civil War saw to the end of that), I must say that it is shaping up to be a decent movie. I love Jon Favreau, great director, but I wasn’t so sure he could make a movie such as this. And Downey is definitely a good fit for the role in my opinion. Hopefully the graphics are a little better when you see them on the big screen. They did seem a little hokey.

Comics – X-Men 207. Just a spectacular ending to a spectacular series. Not much more to say other than read this. Don’t want to spoil anything for you guys.

Games – Devil May Cry 4. Holy smokes it appears as if Capcom is still on the ball when it comes to action games. Devil May Cry 4 is breathtaking visually and it plays so well. Smooth, fluid action transitions well into the storyline and Nero is, although similar, very unique and different from Dante. Be sure to pick this game up. Or else you might make the Devil…cry…sorry, bad joke there.

Electronics – Q42 HDTV and Chimera  PC. This is definitely a nice looking setup. However, if it was a little cheaper then I could back it up more wholeheartedly. As it stands with its $3850 price tag, you probably could buy the components separately and it would be cheaper. Still, not a bad idea though.

Be sure to check out these items and tell me what you think. Have any better items for the week? Be sure to post on the comments section and tell us!


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