Venom is back!

February 4, 2008 at 12:40 pm (Movies)

Yes, you heard me right. Venom is indeed coming back to the big screen. It seems that there wasn’t enough love for the big guy in Spider-man 3 (agreed). Don’t get me wrong, Topher did a darn good job. Looked like he was going for Ultimate Spider-man Brock. So quit hating on him! But I digress. From the people at IESB comes the announcement that Marvel has indeed made plans to feature Smiley in his very own movie. Still no word as to what studio will be producing this but they have said that they are auditioning several A-list actors for the role. I wonder just how exactly do you make a movie where the main character is a bad guy? Be interesting to see. We can only hope for the best.


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