GameSpot editor walks out. Again.

February 5, 2008 at 1:08 pm (Games)

Ryan Davis, who is an associate editor at GameSpot, walked out on GameSpot today in regards to the recent scandal with the company. This makes four people to leave GameSpot. This thing turned out to be such a huge event in gaming. Who could have foreseen this? When Jeff Gerstmann left initially, I had thought that this is where it would end. But this definitely spiraled out of hand. The reason Davis left the site? Because of the termination of Gerstmann. That is loyalty. Shame on GameSpot for taking the stance that they did. I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone but I still believe that this could have been handled a little bit better so as to keep these hard-working employees. Hopefully CNet and GameSpot can resolve these conflicts as I generally tend to enjoy these sites. Only time will tell.


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