Where is the Bioshock movie?

February 9, 2008 at 12:17 pm (Games)

Bioshock, it won awards. Hell it was pretty much the consensus game of the year. So you would think that a movie would be made so fast it would make your head spin. And yet so far, nothing. Is it because there isn’t an interest in the movie? Nope, it’s because no proposal has been good enough so far. Ben Fritz from Variety is reporting that, “you’d be hard pressed to find a production company, studio, or agency with at least one videogame savvy employee that isn’t interested in BioShock”. So it is trying to get made, but Take 2 wants this to be the best possible movie that it can be. Probably be hard to do since most studios want love stories in their scripts and Bioshock a love story is not. I’ll try to keep you hungry hippos posted on any more news when they come out.


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