Yipes! Pick of the Week (late edition) 2-13-08

February 13, 2008 at 1:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry for the delay folks, my mind must have been elsewhere. Here is my (delayed) pick of the week!

Comics – The Darkness is the one of the most highly anticipated comic books to return in a long time. It had massive success and really put Top Cow on the map. Now, with a successful game to add under their belt, Top Cow has decided to bring back this wonderful series to continue the adventures of our favorite Mafia hitman, Jackie Estacado. The visuals are of the same Top Cow excellence and the story seems intriguing. Top Cow doesn’t usually disappoint and I look forward to this comic.

Electronics –  Plantronics’ new Explorer 370BT is quite possibly the most rugged earpiece I have seen (for now). This baby is made to withstand dust, water, minor impact and coated with rubber. With built in noise-filtering technology, eight days of stand-by time and seven hours of talk time, it seems to have everything you need in a headset. So be sure to check it out.

Games – Lost Odyssey came out  yesterday and I had the chance to try it and I have to say that I was impressed. Sure, it may be the same old story, with the same old characters that you expect in a RPG. And sure, it may have been very cliche in its battle system and the such. But it got to me because it never tried to be anything else but a throwback to the classic RPG’s that we love (at least me). The visuals were great and overall it seemed like a good game. Not saying its the greatest, but you should definitely at least check it out.

Movies – Jumper is coming out tomorrow and yes, I know that I have yet to see it so this pick seems kind of hasty. However, I believe that it will be a good movie and the casting seems great (despite people hating on him, I like Hayden). The premise is something that I haven’t seen in films and Samuel L. Jackson is in it. What could go wrong?

There we have it. The (late) Picks of the Week! Be sure to tune in next week for hopefully a (on time) Pick of the Week! Until then!


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