Wolverine Movie the center of casting rumors/gold.

February 19, 2008 at 1:21 pm (Movies)

So that Wolverine movie, it’s exciting stuff. I loves me some Hugh Jackman and his portrayal as Wolverine so I love that they are basing a movie solely on him. But what news has got me all excited like a little schoolgirl? Well, it would be a couple of things. First, Ryan Reynolds (big fan of him) is rumored to be sending his attention to Deadpool instead of Flash and he may be featured in the Wolverine movie which could lead to the Deadpool movie. Second, it would appear as though we finally get to see Gambit in action as the casting announcements have well, announced him. Taylor Kitsch (who you might recognize as that one guy in Friday Night Lights) has been cast as Gambit. Which will be interesting to see as I feel that he can do some decent acting. I’m just excited to finally see Gambit in a X-Men movie. Took long enough.


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