Pick of the week (delayed again, sorry :() 2-20-08

February 20, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Uncategorized)

APOLOGIES, I’m so horrible at keeping this up. Damn my forgetfulness! I blame video games! Just kidding there. Without further ado, here is your list!

Comics – X-Force #1. Finally, a team dedicated to anything that Cyclops was worried would ruin his goody goody two shoes image. Starring Wolverine, X-23, Rahne and Warpath, they are a team that is assigned to do the dirty work of the X-Men. Because sometimes, you just have to get your hands dirty. Clayton Crain, who worked on two series I absolutely loved (Sensational Spider-Man and Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears), is helmed to do the artwork here and Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle are returning here to flesh out the story as writers (they were previously the writers for the New X-Men Messiah Complex series) it is looking to be a very promising title.

Electronics – The Epoc (without a H) is looking to rock the electronic world with the thought of getting your inner psychic on. The thing basically allows you to become a fledgling psychic, which everybody has dreamt of once in their lives. Amazing thing really. Who know where this could lead us to? Maybe virtual games in 2020? You heard it here first.

Games – Not many games have been coming out so I’m (semi) forced to pick this game. That game is Dynasty Warriors 6. Yes, yes I know, Dynasty Warriors? That game is like rolling around in feces. But this year, Koei has actually done a decent job. Especially if you have never played the series before, now would be a good time to check it out as this game is easily the best one yet. For those who have played it before and want to own at least one of the series because they (semi) like it, pick this one up. Overall, a very solid game. Unless you just flat out hate Dynasty Warriors in which case you should probably save your money for something better.

Movies – Jumper is looking to be a solid movie. Sure the dialogue is kind of hokey and Hayden isn’t too impressive as an actor in here. But the concept is very interesting seeing as how we have seen teleporting done before, just not to the scale that this film takes it. Also, Samuel L. Jackson is in the movie. Need I really say more? “Yes, they deserved to die! I hope they burn in hell!” Priceless.


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