To infinity….and beyond a third time!

February 20, 2008 at 11:33 am (Movies)

That’s right kiddies. Toy Story is indeed getting another sequel, reuniting Woody and Buzz once again for what I’m sure will be another great movie. I mean, Pixar just doesn’t seem to miss do they? I’ve yet to see Wall-E yet, but already, I am so sure that it will be a hit that I am willing to eat my pants if they aren’t a hit. Okay, maybe that is just a little too far but you get my point. So far, all that is known of the movie at the moment is a little snippet of the plot which reads like, ” Andy is off to college and seeing as how he is grown up, he decides to dump his toys off at a local day-care center.” I’m also guessing his sister will be involved in this movie somehow, maybe she inherits the toys? You heard it here first! I’ll be sure to post any other news I come across.


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