Writers found for Pinhead, woohoo?

February 25, 2008 at 11:07 am (Movies)

The Hellraiser franchise has never (to me) been that great seeing as how most of the movies felt like B-movies to me. But it does have its steady legion of horror fans and so I guess this post goes out to them. Seems as though they have indeed found writers for the remake of Hellraiser and they are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan who burst onto the scene as the writers for Feast. Since Feast, they have worked on Saw 4 and 5 and the remake of the Tingler. While I did enjoy Feast(and Saw 4 was, how do I put it? Meh), I’m not quite sure that this movie is essentially right for them. Just my two cents however. In case you were wondering, Clive Barker is only on to produce the film. So yeah.


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