Doesn’t tell time? That’s okay for people.

April 9, 2008 at 8:59 am (Electronics)

You want to run that by me again? You say that this watch costs $300,000 and it doesn’t even preform the simple duty of telling you what the time is currently, even though that should be the only given duty of a watch? You are telling me that for the $300,000 price tag, this thing doesn’t excrete gold and ponies but instead just tells you whether it is day or night based on Tourbillon movement? Surely you jest. No one would be stupid enough to buy these watches. And yet, you say they sold out within 48 hours of launching said product. Man, people sure are dumb. If I had $300,000 I would spend it a little more wiser. Like buying a talking robot butler. Or a lifetimes supply of salted peanuts. Yeah.


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